Sims Freeplay Cheats – How to get Life Points and Simoleons

Rewards and bonuses always appreciate players like in Sims freeplay it is the most fascinating thing. As you know the fact that people usually play for passing time in a good way. They don’t want to take stress of the game. For them here is a guideline through which they can appeal towards plus points and bonuses in the game. When the player plays carelessly and misses any of the tasks than he has to do it again.

Getting life points is not so thorny

Tasks are given to the player at every new level. When you accomplish the task within the time it will enhance your score. As a result you Sims account raises high and also you will get extra lives. Sims freeplay cheats are promoting by the franchise of Sims just to stimulate people towards the game. Players should maintain their town place by giving water to the plants, maintaining the kitchen accessories, care of pet. Whenever you want to know about the Sims need you can easily get it by clicking on the Sims.Also you can visit

Energetic Sims gives more lives


When you feel your pets or Sims becomes lazy and weak don’t take tension. You can purchase energy drink that makes your Sims fresh and active. This action will add money in your account and also give bonuses to you in any form.

Sims Freeplay Cheats How to get Life Points and Simoleons

Save your money through pre purchasing


Another way to get extra points and money is to purchase the items. You have to buy extra items that you will not consume for your pets and Sims. When you know any other party need that item you can sell it on them. It directly adds your points and increases your level.

Construction of new home       


Search a beautiful land for construction of home. After that time by time constructs wall and roof. You can use Sims freeplay help to give extra time to your construction. Decorate it by adding plants in the garden. These all the activities are not worthless. They will enhance your game very rapidly.

It is basically a game that is related and linked to our real life. As in real life we work hard and the reward we take. In this you can do so many jobs like painting, dusting, garnishing, and planting to earn money. The more you get money in your account the higher will be the level. This will add extra lives in your game.

Another way to add Simoleons is to go online on face book and invite people to play with you. When they accept your request your life points become increases. The challenge you get from other party can also give you the chance to get maximum life points.

Sims freeplay cheats are available on the internet for players to download that in your pc. Touch mobiles also give chance to play in your mobile. Sims freeplay give many chances to players to add the life points for earning money and for getting bonuses.

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