How to use sims freeplay cheats our tips

It is easy for one to get started by playing the Sims Freeplay since the game will prompt one to complete certain actions and then reward you with money (Simoleons) and the “LP” (Life Points). You shall be encouraged to start your career, obtain and improve upon your hobbies, have children, make relationships, adopt pets and many more. As you get prompted by the game, you will learn the outs and ins of game play. When playing with Sims freeplay cheats from SFPCheats  game one of the areas of greater interest is how to make more money in the game: coins or simoleons. .The players can use the money in various ways. Nevertheless, here are Sims freeplay tips and tricks which will give you an added advantage for you to make the best out of your game playing experience! Before you will read below I just want tell you that if you need special cheat for sims freeplay or something powerful you should visit this site

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Few Tips and cheats for sims freeplay

  1. Build residential zones and Upgrade them.

This is the main form of making a lot of money in the game, both directly and indirectly. Focusing on the directly part, which means that every time you build a new residence or upgrade it, you receive a nice sum of Simoleons. Extremely useful early on when you can build a lot of structures for cheap cost.

  1. Collect from City Hall

As soon as you reach level 5 in SimCity, you can build the City Hall, this will allows you to collect all tax from Sim citizens. The amount of money that one collects is influenced by the happiness of your general population, so it makes sense to do your best to keep your Sims in happy mode by building more parks and other residential area services. This is the indirect way residences to make more money and in the long run, this will become your main money generating source.

  1. Look out for sure deals

When you log in to the game, you will notice some coin symbols appearing above your buildings this could be parks or water buildings. You can tap the coin symbol and you can be offered a deal. You can also give away your materials and then instantly receive a sum of money. It is advisable to be picky and sell any item if you have it.

  1. Sell materials to any other player

Though it doesn’t really work in nature, but it is worth to try and there are some coins that can be made either soon as you have a population of 8,000, you can then start selling your items there. Start by Setting the price and hope that somebody with more Simoleons coins than you will take a deal. Have in mind that if the materials are rare then the more money you can get. While the Storage upgrade materials are mostly considered premium and you can sell for nice sums of money.

  1. Plan the design of the city carefully

If your city is set properly, then your people will be happier, there will be more upgrades that you will get and more money that you can make. So looking at your city, check out all good areas and decide some best ways to upgrade everything in the area .Therefore the main target is to build a profitable city.

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