How To Make Money Promoting iPhone/ iPad Games

You see a cool iPhone game that you wouldn’t mind sharing with your friends. So why not get rewarded for spreading the word.

It is easy to get set up and you could make a couple bucks by sharing the games people love to play. Here is how to get started.You can also visit how to make money with promoting iPhone, iPad games here;

First, sign up for an affiliate account through This is the company that Apple goes through for there iTunes affiliate program.

It is easy to sign up, but from my experience you should make sure you have a relevant name and website linked to your affiliate account in LinkShare, otherwise Apple might decline your application.

For instance, I applied to Apple’s affiliate program through LinkShare and I still had my LinkShare account linked to the website I used to sell golf clubs through. Apple declined my application and I could not reapply. I ended up opening another account and linking it to this website and Apple approved it within a day.

how to Make Money Promoting iPhone iPad Games

Make Money Promoting iPhone/ iPad Games with linkShare

After you get setup in LinkShare, go to the home page, click on Programs and then Categories from the drop down menu. After that, go to “search” (to the far right) and type in iTunes. When iTunes comes up just apply for an affiliate account and wait until you are approved.

After you are approved, go to Linkshare again and navigate to Programs, and My Advertisers from the drop down menu. You will see iTunes in your My Advertisers screen. Click on it and you will see a screen with the following header:

Link Maker Tool – Widget Builder – RSS Feed Generator – Contact Us


Lets explore how to link to a single game.

  1. 1) Click on Link Maker Tool.
  2. 2) Enter the Game Name which you want to promote into “search”.
  3. 3) Choose iOS Apps under “Media Type” drop down menu.
  4. 4) Click “search”.
  5. 5 ) Locate the game you want to promote.
  6. 6) Click “iPhone App Link” to the far right.
  7. 7) At the very Top you will see the “Direct Link” code if you want to link it to text, a picture, or in an email.

Copy and link to your desired item. If you are putting this in an email I will recommend shortening it first with Tiny URL and enter the name of the game in the “custom alias” field. This will give your link a much better, more trustworthy, appearance.

That is it. Now anytime someone clicks on your link to a game you will make 5% off any purchases. I found that FREE Games are downloaded much more frequently and can make you more money through the In App Purchases.

Go back over to List Your Game page and promote one of the games or go into iTunes and get started sharing games and making money.

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