How to Hack Sims Freeplay Without Jailbreak

Sims FreePlay is a mobile version of the extremely popular Sims games that are available on other platforms, and it is addicting! You get to create Sims, build and decorate their homes, have them work, play, and fall in love. You expand their towns as you get more Sims, and you get to decide where they are going to live and work. The graphics are stunning – so clear and fun. But sometimes it just moves too slowly. Like all other computer games out there, there are several cheats for the game. Here is an important hack to help you move along in the game more quickly.

 Why do you need hacks?

It is very easy to obsess over your Sims – what have they done since you last checked in? How are they doing? Where should you build? What should you build? These are all important decisions, and it is hard when unimportant things like work and grocery shopping interfere with your Sims time. So one potential downside of the game for your iOS or Android device is that, unlike other Sims games, the game is played in real time, meaning one Sims hour equals one real hour. This can be a problem because if you are building up to something that requires time to complete, time moves as slowly as it does in real life. This also means that you are earning Simoleons and LifeStyle Points (LP) more slowly than you do in other games. It is hard to wait to build up your stockpiles of these currencies so that you can move forward. This hack will show you how to move on more quickly.

Cheat Guidelines: iOS Devices

When you download this hack, you will lose your entire game that has been played, so you should do this early on so that you don’t lose all of your hard work. This cheat will replace your game file with a new file that has 100,000,000 Simoleons and 88,888,888 LP. When you find the hack file, don’t download from any sites that require you to fill out a survey first. The advantage to this hack is that it does not require you to jailbreak your device.

  • Search for “iFunbox Sims Freeplay Hack” and download the ZIP file for the cheat
  • Install iFunbox
  • Close iTunes if it is open, and attach your device to your computer
  • In iFunbox, go to Applications and open Sims FreePlay
  • In Documents (in iFunbox), delete the “savegames” folder
  • In the Zip file, you will have another folder called “savegames” – drag this into the Documents folder in iFunbox
  • Open up the game. You should have 100,000,000 Simoleons and 88,888,888 LP

Cheat Guidelines: Android Devices

As with the iOS hack, the Android version will require you to start with a fresh Sims FreePlay game – if you have been playing already, you will need to delete your app and download it again.

  • Search for and download the hacked Sims FreePlay APK file
  • Copy the APK file to your phone, either by attaching it to your computer or by sending the file to your phone
  • Install the APK file on your phone
  • Start the app – you should now have 1.2 million Simoleons and 1.2 million LP

If you are looking for a way to make, your game go faster, and to have virtually unlimited funds to expand your Sims world in FreePlay, try these two cheats to get you one your way.

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