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The gaming industry has evolved over time and now features various platforms including PC and mobile. The advancements of technology and software application development compliment modern high-tech mobile devices which can now run complex programs without any distraction. The Sims FreePlay is one of the most popular games available for mobile phone users. This game was initially produced for PC and later adopted for mobile platforms back in 2011. It is available for android, iOS and Blackberry. With this the sims freeplay cheats you will be able to get more Lifestyle Points and Simoleons.

the sims freeplay cheats

What does the game involve?

The Sims FreePlay app is basically a life simulation game that was developed by EA Mobile and Firemonkeys Studios. The game involves various activities including building houses and controlling virtual people known as Sims. The Sims are controlled to achieve a couple of wishes including gaining Simoleons, XP and LifeStyle Points. This game, unlike the PC version, runs on a real-time platform and actions can be completed in within the same environment as instructed by players. In Sims FreePlay, Sims are allowed to complete a number of actions to marry Simoleons and have children. Only married Sims have this capability and has a limit on the number of allowed gays and lesbians. There are a total of 52 levels for players to unlock and gamers can create up to 34 Sims. The LifeStyle Points represent the game’s currency which is accumulated by performing various actions.

Game play and currency

The Sims FreePlay has three different currencies including Simoleons, Social points and Life points. Earning a Simoleon can be achieved through a number of actions including sending Sims to activities such as gardening, baking and other work. Life points are gained through completing goals, diving, hobbies, online offers and digging up by pets. To earn social points, the player should complete social activities in neighbor’s city. The game provides 9 different careers to pursue including music, acting, firefighting, politics, athletics, teaching, real estate, art and science. While adults are allowed to work in these career paths, pre-teens are enrolled to Simtown Elementary and Simtown High for classes that can be taken at any time of the day.

sims freeplay game

The gaming experience

The Sims FreePlay has exceptional gaming experience with numerous activities to engage in. players can undertake activities to earn currency points and unlock new features or buy Simoleons. The game presents a unique challenge and is also quite interesting. Besides, it can be played by anyone and offers a family experience.

Life stages and hobbies

Sims FreePlay has six life stages that include baby, toddler, preteen, teen, adult and then senior all with different actions. There are several hobbies for every life stage. Toddlers have a playhouse and can also engage in seashell collection while preteens have ballet, karate, diving and figure skating. Adult hobbies include ghost hunting, fishing, fashion designing, diving, woodworking, cooking, figure skating, horse tricks, salsa dancing, break-dancing, spell casting, vaulting, show-jumping and catwalk modeling. Teen hobbies are idols, figure skating, diving, cooking and catwalk modeling while senior hobbies include quilting, fishing, coking and bird feeding.


The Sims FreePlay Cheats offers various activities including special features for holidays like Valentines and Mother’s Day. It is easy to play featuring various challenges and new items to unlock. It can be played in most android, iOS and Blackberry 10 platform gadgets. The game is progressive which makes it the best under life simulation category.

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