Android Casino Mobile Games vs iPhone Mobile Casino Games

Android casino mobile games are hot and despite iPhone having a great selection, right now the future is in the hands of Android. Let me explain why. First off,Android casino mobile games are displayed on a 4 inch to 4.5 inch screens compared to iPhones 3.5.

Try playing Android casino mobile games for a few hours and then pick up an iPhone and play the version of the same mobile casino game. You will instantly be shocked at how puny and insignificant the iPhone is.You can also earn form game promoting for iPhone. Right now Motorola, Samsung and HTC all have 4 inch diagonal screen which makes it perfect for watching second screen bonus rounds as well as playing Android casino mobile games.

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Android casino mobile games are faster on 4G

Android casino mobile games will be running on the 4G network and nobody likes to play on a slow connection especially when there is real cash involved.

Android Casino Mobile Games vs iPhone Mobile Casino Games

The iPhone is still running on the 3G network, awaiting advancements in battery technology since the 4G doesn’t burn up the power quick. But that’s fine since Android casino mobile games are supposed to be played on the go.

We are talking about hit and run and if you are on a lucky streak while playing Android casino mobile games the faster connection will mean more spins of Android slots and more hand of Android poker, so even if the battery will die quicker, the fast connection will balance things out.

Android casino mobile games have more developers

Since Android casino mobile games must be developed, the million dollar question is – ‘which platform will have the greatest number of developers?’

In my view, the answer will shortly be Android only for the fact that so many powerful mobile companies such as Samsung and Motorola support it.

Right now Korea will be churning out Android programmers to ensure that the Galaxy line of phones will have the best apps and of course Android casino mobile games.
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